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Typhoon || IJswater

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A real statue in Holland. Although it is a statue of Father Christmas, locals will call it butt plug gnome.

god bless butt plug gnome

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I just realized this…


We all remember the wonderful scene where Aomine gives Kagami the basketball shoes.


This is the scene in question (or a small part of it) and you can see fairly well that these are the Air Jordan 1 Retro Chicago (yes. I researched.).


So let me tell you something I discovered on my journey through the interwebs: these shoes are fucking hard to get! Well, that is if you want them NEW (you can always look on ebay, but they are really expensive there too) and for a more affordable price that is not almost 400$! Most of the time, when they’re on regular sale, they’re some sort of limited edition. Go, google it, find these shoes for less than 150$. Either I’m too stupid to buy a pair of sneakers or AoKaga has just clouded my whole brain… (or it is just hard to find them from Germany…)

My conclusion? Aomine gives Kagami a pair of shoes that you can most likely get only as a limited edition, for a ridiculous amount of money or used on ebay.

I’m done with these idiots. DONE.

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Flat colors because I’m lazy and dumb

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hack the planet

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happy 3/14 ^ q ^)/ i have a lot on my plate already so i dont think ill ever continue homestuck hhhhhhhhhhhhhhaha

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imageur ask reminded me that rezi will always own an iguana as a pet 
1T 1S MY S331NG 3Y3 1GU4N4” 

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